S5! TrapBracket

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Kingspan KS1000RW Panels

The S5! TrapBracket™ can be used to mount virtually anything to an exposed-fastened trapezoidal composite panel roof system without fixing into the supporting steel structure or penetrating the internal liner sheet.

Specifically designed for use with KS1000RW & KS2000RW panels.

Heavy-duty applications

TrapBracket™ is so strong it will even support heavy-duty applications like snow retention.

Each TrapBracket™ comes with a factory-applied EPDM sealant in the base. A structural aluminium attachment bracket, TrapBracket™ is compatible with most common metal roofing materials.  

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S5! TrapBracket Clamp Brochure & Installation Guide

Click here to view the full S5! TrapBracket Brochure 


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