S5! Z Standard Clamp

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For Bulb Standing Seams

The S-5-Z clamp is specially developed to fit profiles having a round “bulb” seam. The clamp's two-piece design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the rib/seam.

The S-5-Z clamp is perfect for heavy-duty applications. 

What is included with the price?

  • All included hardware is stainless steel.
  • Each standard clamp is supplied with:
    • 2 x grub screws for securing the clamp to the roof
    • 1 x M10 bolt for securing the application to the top of the clamp
    • (Please note that only 1 x M10 bolt is supplied per clamps.)

Discounts available on qty 50+. Please call us for further details  0370 741 7600
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