What are S5! Clamps?

S5! clamps have been specifically developed to offer strong and secure attachment points to all raised seam roofing without piercing the metal surface.

S5! clamps attach to the sheet seam by the tightening of “bullet-nosed” stainless steel setscrews, usually by use of an industrial grade screwgun. The setscrews compress the standing seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp, creating a “dimple” in the seam material but not piercing the surface. Threaded holes in the top of the clamps facilitate the easy and secure attachment of various ancillary items.

With a range of clamp designs, the patented fixing system offers a practical solution for the mounting of snow guards, signs, lighting, aerials, antennas, pipework, ventilation and communication equipment – in fact almost anything! All this is achieved without compromising the water tightness of the metal surface.

Milled from solid metal, the clamps are easy to install and provide a long term trouble free fixing solution.

S5! clamps are particularly suitable for mounting solar panels and the S5! PV kit is specifically designed for this purpose, offering quick and practical panel mounting without the expense of secondary support rails.

Designed for a variety of seam details and roof metals, the clamps are generally available in two versions. The standard clamps utilise two setscrews to attach to the raised seam and these clamps are suitable for heavy duty applications such as snow retention. The mini clamp versions use a single setcrew fixing and are suitable for medium and light duty applications such as PV panels.

The S5! range was designed by Rob Haddock in the USA and these innovative clamps are still manufactured under his control. All clamp designs are protected by numerous international design patents.