S5! Z Standard Clamp

S5! Z Standard Clamp

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S5! Z Standard Clamp
For attaching items to bulb standing seam roofs

The S-5-Z clamp is specially designed to fit roof seams that have a rounded “bulb” seam. The clamp's two-piece design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the rib/seam.

Maintain roofing guarantees

S-5 clamps do not pierce your roof, instead, they tightly clamp to it so you can ensure it remains waterproof. This also means you do not void any roofing warranties or guarantees which is a real bonus!

Is the S-5-Z the Best Choice for Your Roof Profile?

Easy installation

Installation is simple:

  1. Position the insert at the desired location against the base of the seam
  2. Rotate the clamp into place over both the seam and insert
  3. Tighten the round-point setscrew/s
  4. Affix ancillary items

To view full installation instructions, just click here.

What is in the box?

Each S-5-Z Standard Clamp is supplied with:
2 x rounded setscrew
1 x M10 top bolt

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